About Us

Our aim is to place 25,000 fully funded public access defibrillators across the U.K.

LifeAID was established as a direct result of a family member of one of the Directors experiencing a cardiac event.  The awareness of the importance of early access to CPR and defibrillation was brought very close to home.  So was the knowledge of that there is still a lack of public access defibrillators in high footfall areas.

Funding is often a challenge when placing multiple defibrillators, so LifeAID came up with a solution to be able to offer host sites a FULLY FUNDED defibrillator station.  Defibrillators are mounted to a large backboard which provide not only instructions on what to do in an emergency, they also offer a large display advertising space.  LifeAID not only supply and install the defibrillators, we also source relevant and credible sponsors for the defibrillator stations.

LifeAID went through a rigorous process to select the defibrillator most fit for purpose and took advice from the NHS Ambulance Service and the British Heart Foundation. The chosen unit is the iPAD SP1 which is a state-of-the-art defibrillator and a nominated device of the British Heart Foundation.