Mcdonald’s Wembley Park new defibrillator saves a life

Mcdonald’s Wembley Park new defibrillator saves a life

Monica Lebrizza (centre) & McDonald’s colleagues with the defibrillator that saved the gentleman’s life.

Saturday 13th May 2023 and there is a big game on at Wembley Stadium. Monica Librizza – Assistant Manager was going about her duties when a police officer came into the restaurant and asked if a defibrillator was available.

Because McDonald’s invested in defibrillators for all McOpCo restaurants late last year, Monica was able to get the defibrillator and hand it to the policeman. He dashed outside where a gentleman lay unconscious having collapsed from cardiac arrest.

15 minutes later the officer returned with the defibrillator. When Monica asked him how the patient was the office replied “your defibrillator just saved his life”.

An amazing outcome and because of McDonald’s foresight in realising the vital importance of having defibrillators in EVERY restaurant, this gentleman gets to go home to his loved ones.

Mark Gallant – Fire and Safety manager at McDonald’s said “Every business in the UK should have defibrillators and McDonald’s recently made the decision to roll out this lifesaving equipment into all Company-owned restaurants. Since the roll out in Nov 22 – McDonald’s defibrillators have already saved two lives, so we are delighted to have helped ensure the safety of our amazing staff and customers”.

By Published On: April 3, 2023