Where it all began

LifeAID was established as a direct result of a family member of one of the Directors experiencing a cardiac event. The awareness of the importance of early access to CPR and defibrillation was brought very close to home. So was the knowledge of that there is still a lack of public access defibrillators in high footfall areas.

We realised very quickly that large organisations cannot just pick up a phone and order 50 or 500 defibrillators.

Many factors have to be looked at such as initial site surveys to establish best location. Is there power for an external cabinet. is the location illuminated.

Then there is installation and not to mention ongoing maintenance or what happens if the equipment is damaged or vandalised.

We set out from day one to provide a full start to end service for large companies so every step of the defibrillator journey is taken care of.

Through outstanding service we are proud to be associated with brands such as Waitrose and Mcdonalds Restaurants.

If you are considering having this vital lifesaving equipment please call us ……..our track record speaks for itself..

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