Life Aid - Testimonial - Handforth


Employees of Moore Security with the new village defibrillator.

The defibrillator was funded by Handforth Parish Council – Ashley Comiskey Dawson, Clerk to the council said,

“We are delighted and proud to have purchased this vital piece of equipment that will now protect local residents for years to come.”

“LifeAID have been fantastic since the start with their business development manager Kevin Dryburgh attending a council meeting to fully explain the whole procedure, costings etc to the committee. The fact that we have a large display panel that shows the parish council donated the equipment is a great idea and we have only had positive PR and feedback since its installation.”

Life Aid - Testimonial - Parrswood


Mark Welsby – Centre Manager at Parrswood Entertainment Centre said

“This has to be one of the most beneficial pieces of equipment we have ever installed. With 5 million visitors a year and hundreds of employees on site it was essential we had an on site defibrillator. LifeAID have been superb in their approach to the supply and installation of the defibrillator. I cannot recommend them enough and we receive regular positive feedback from visitors who know we are going the extra mile to look after their well being”

Life Aid - Testimonial - Tesco Ashby

Tesco Ashby

Steve Huggard – Tesco Store manager at Tesco Ashby said

“Carpet Cuts donated our in store defibrillator which is an amazing gesture. We have 2 million shoppers a year that are now protected against the threat of cardiac arrest. We have given Steve Price the director of Carpet Cuts a display panel behind the defibrillator to show he has provided this vital equipment.” Steve Price – Director of carpet cuts said “We have served the Ashby community supplying carpets for many years. To give something back to say thank you for their business that will protect our customers well being was a no brainer.”

Life Aid - Testimonial - Aderley Edge

Alderley Edge

Frank Young – Manager at Waitrose Alderley Edge with local businesses who sponsored a community defibrillator that was donated to the local parish council. Frank said –

“We were approached by LifeAID to see if we would allow local businesses to sponsor ad panels above our pay and display ticket machines in return for Waitrose being given a defibrillator to donate to the local community. LifeAID found businesses to support this amazing initiative in a matter of hours and the publicity and PR the scheme generated locally was amazing. A great idea that Waitrose were more than happy to be a part of in Alderley Edge.”

Life Aid - Testimonial - Wilmslow


Jo Davies of Black White Denim in Wilmslow donated the defibrillator now in the town centre.

The lady mayoress of Cheshire unveiled the equipment and Jo said –
“We sponsored to Wilmslow Community Defibrillator and we are absolutely delighted with what it has done. We got a large display billboard next to the defibrillator that shows we are the official sponsors. It has generated excellent brand awareness for us and unbelievably the defibrillator recently saved a gentleman’s life after he suffered a cardiac arrest. We have just renewed for our third year”

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