Testimonial – Community

“The defibrillator from LifeAid has to be one of the most beneficial pieces of equipment we have ever installed”

With 5 million visitors a year and hundreds of employees on site, it was essential that we had an on site defibrillator.

LifeAid have been superb in their approach to the supply and installation of the AED. I cannot recommend them enough.

We receive regular positive feedback from visitors who know we are going the extra mile to look after their well being.

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Mark Welsby
Manager, Parrswood Entertainment Centre

Testimonial – Business

“I witnessed a client suffering a cardiac arrest, which was terrible but thank goodness he survived. If a defibrillator had not been close by he would have died.”

The thought of it happening at other public locations and not being able to save someone’s life does not bear thinking about. I would strongly advise every business to get a defibrillator right now.

I can’t thank LifeAID – and in particular Kevin Dryburgh – enough. Kevin visited the site to discuss our needs. LifeAID created the artwork for the display panel and since installation the defibrillator has generated amazing feeback from clients and visitors alike.”

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Sam Jones
Building Manager, Kingsgate House