Lifeaid Donate Defibrillator to South Lodge Primary School

As part of Lifeaid Defibrillators social justice initiative we will be donating up to five defibrillators a year into communities that need defibrillators.

Lifeaid Donate Defibrillator to Local SchoolOur latest recipient was South Lodge Primary School in Invergordon, Where a support teacher collapsed on the school field and no defibrillator was available, fortunately the member of staff recovered.

Where as the English Government has now funded defibrillators into every primary and secondary school the Scottish government are still not protecting staff and pupils against the threat of cardiac arrest, every school in the United Kingdom should have a defibrillator as up to 12 children a week sadly loose their lives from cardiac arrest in UK schools.

Photographed are Laura, Georgia and Kim Dryburgh from Lifeaid defibrillators and Mr Hayes Macleod (Head teacher).

By Published On: June 16, 2024