Savills staff save customer’s life using a defibrillator

Savills staff save customer’s life using a defibrillatorA lady visiting Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre in Didsury, Manchester collapsed after suffering cardiac arrest.

Three Savills staff trained in first aid jumped into action and quickly took the defibrillator to the cinema where the lady was completely unresponsive. She had stopped breathing and her lips had turned blue.

Jamie Welsh, Omar Ali and another member of the Savills team performed CPR on her for some 13 minutes and shocked her heart three times. The ambulance crew then arrived and were able to stabilise the lady and take her to hospital.

If no defibrillator had been available – she wouldn’t have survived. The amazing actions of these three individuals saved this lady.

This story makes everything we do all worthwhile, I am sure you agree.

By Published On: March 16, 2023