Waitrose was without doubt our most challenging rollout to date.

Waitrose wanted community public access defibrillators (CPADs) outside some 100 stores)

Every site had to be professionally surveyed to ensure it was close to a power source, was not obstructing footfall traffic, asbestos reports, staff training and awareness sessions, specially designed external display backboards and ongoing monitoring of equipment were just some of the challenges faced prior to installation.

Waitrose were concerned about defibrillators being safe and ready to use at all times.

All defibs were registered by us with all ambulance services and now the circuit the new national database.

We worked to appointing “Guardians” at every store who undertake monthly safety checks on the defibs to ensure they are ready to go at all times.

We monitor that safety checks are being done at each store and submit all safety checks to the circuit, so everyone knows Waitrose defibs are safe and ready to use.

Waitrose defibs have been used multiple times to attempt to save lives and are now protecting thousands of staff and hundreds of thousands of clients against cardiac arrest.

See how happy Waitrose are with the service we provide and having defibs in place.